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Not quite ready for the professional series- A limited number of slots will be available for BACKYARD BBQ teams.

Only 2 meats- pork ribs and chicken. Entry will be judged by certified judges. After the competition, you may meet with a master judge to have  your entry evaluated. A great way to gain insight on your cook style and skill –before you move to the professional series. Better than that- HAVE FUN.                             


Horse Town Brwe n Que bbq ENTRY FORM 2018 BACKYARD


KCBS Quick Facts

KCBS Quick Facts

KCBS Rules

2018 KCBS Rules

The 2017 Grand Champion


Will they defend their  title?

Check out the Teams from 2017.  Is your favorite team there?  More teams to come.

1:16 BBQ –Brian Gilliland
2 Tone Smoke –Adam Jones
7 Sins BBQ –Jesse Collett
7-8-9 BBQ –Bryan Davis
All About the Q –Todd Carpenter
Bartz BBQ –Dustin Bartz
Bears- B- BBQ –Chris Viscounti
Blue Eyed BBQ –Mike Moran
Bob’s Morning Wood –Robert Schultz
Brisket Brothers –Douglas Amaro
Burnin’ and Lootin’ –Jerry Aguilar
C & C BBQ –Carlos Berrera
Chowtown Smokers –Guy Duncan
Dad’s Chillin’ n Grillin’ –Don Martinez
Desperado BBQ –Steve Botkin
DG Firehouse BBQ –Dan Gibson
Dia De Los Puercos –Bradd Bennick
Fo Sizzle –David Peters
Fu Man Que Crew –Chris Hansen
Hickery and Spice –Rick Mysee
Jet Coatings “Monkey Style” –Michael Wheeler
Lady of Q –Sylvia Curry
Little Big Smoke –Alex Puga
Loot n’ Booty BBQ –Sterling Smith
Mar-B-Que –LeMar Ware
Meat Candy Q –Dave Mara
Monsoon BBQ –Patrick Harrity
Moore Tastey –Christina Moore
Nothing Compares 2 Q –Kyle Casazza
ODB’s Ribticklin BBQ –John Bellesi
Oink Oink –Justin Tyner
Old Man Hog –Joseph Shawver
Outlaw BBQ –Michelle Fisher
Papa La Rue’s –BBQ Rich LaRue
Part Time BBQ –Steve Conaway
Pigs on the River –Aaron Burr
Porterhouse BBQ –Raymond Porter
Qued Up –Phil LaMarche
Racers BBQ –Victor Racer
Rad Fondo BBQ –Mike Morrill
Revin It Up BBQ –Ralph Potts
Rooftop BBQ –Andy Allen
Rude Not 2 BBQ –Tom McLeer
Sharpe Gourmet Cooking Wood –Ed Williams
Smoke Dog BBQ –Sylvester Castro
Smoked Seduction –Brian Silveria
Smokin’ Axe BBQ Team –David Gibson
Smokin Fat Boyz BBQ –Chris Epperly Smokin Harts –Jon Hart
Smokin’ Hot Grill on Grill Action –Jerry Miranda
Smokin it Up BBQ –David Hartog
Smokin’ Jokers Austrailia –Paul King
Smokin Mo’s –Mike Lindley
Smokin’ with Swag –Aaron Moon
The Rib Doctor, LLC –Hayward Harris, Jr
The Woodshed –Steve Newhouse
Toys 4 BBQ’n –David Rosol
Up In Smoke –Junior Urias
VFW 9624 John McDonald